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Inaugural World Bitless Horse Day Winners

The World Bitless Association THANKS everyone for taking part and submitting entries from around the world. It made judging extremely interesting, inspiring and challenging because the entries were all so very different.


Alejandro Asensio & Lola (Spain) with Diana Jackman & Ruby (Australia).
They both WIN an original ARTWORK of their entry picture ** plus a WBA World Bitless Ambassador rosette.

Joint 1ST place WBHD Alejandro and Lola (Spain). Photo credit A Me photos Alejandro Asensio
JOINT 1st place WBHD Diana & Ruby (Australia)

The JOINT winners were chosen because the panel felt that each combination showed the possibilities and harmony that can be earned by the bitless horse and rider when horse friendly training and consideration for the health and welfare is paramount.
Both entries showed horses in a contented emotional state, we loved the softness of the hand of Diana Jackman and the vibrissae and soft eye of Ruby.
Alejandro and Lola showed what can be achieved in Endurance with a stunning example of a healthy horse in competition riding, an excellent benchmark of what is achievable – bitless.

2nd Place Carol Robertson & The Emperor (UK).
Second place was given to Carol Robertson and her young Horse ‘The Emperor’ who has started his training using positive reinforcement and a target to learn to jump for the first time – WBA hope this is the future for horse training.

2nd place WBHD Carol Robertson and The Emperor

3rd Place Pam Pike & Jack (Australia).
Third Place was chosen because it is so rare to see a driven bitless horse or pony and Jack the pony with owner Pam Pike made a great composition.

3rd place WBHD Pam Pike and Jack the pony


RUNNERS UP represented the fun and training that bitless riders have with horses and ponies every day everywhere. All placings receive a WBA World Bitless Ambassador Rosette


RUNNER UP Maria and Carla S (Brazil)


Runner up Sylvie Algoet and Grappa plus pony friend. (Belgium)


RUNNER UP Amanda and Melanie with Mac and Corde (UK)


The next World Bitless Horse Day is on the 5th September 2020.

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