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Equestrians for Equality, Fairness & Friendship
Equestrians for Equality, Fairness & Friendship
Equestrians for Equality, Fairness & Friendship

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World Bitless Horse Day

9th September 2023

Global day of celebration of the bitless horse.
The Theme for 23 is Tricks & Treats!

Equestrians for Equality, Fairness & Friendship

Representing and providing a network for equestrians, owners, vets, equine professionals and trainers who believe in fairness, equality and choice of bridle for
Bitless, Bitted (Part-time, thinking about it, transitioning) & Bridleless for all horses around the world.

We are a volunteer group of trainers, riders, behaviourists, equine professionals and horse lovers, that have been inspired to organise a specialised global bitless equestrian association.

Offering support, advice on ethical training and the functions of modern bitless bridles.

WBA represents ordinary riders, non-riders, competition riders, trainers, behaviourists and all equestrians, who want to see evidence based ethical training and riding increase in acceptance & popularity for the sustainable well being of the horse both mentally and physically.

We hope that our enthusiasm for change is both inspirational and of course effective as our numbers grow and our voice for the horse becomes a force to be reckoned with.

If you want to support the aims of the WBA donate here - every pound counts!

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We are delighted to help co-finance and promote the work of Lucy Rees with this important educational documentary film project. The film will help people understand that 'dominance' force/application of increasing pressure, in horse training is not necessary. Follow the link below to find out more about the documentary, the work of Lucy Rees.🌟Muy contentas de que nuestro proyecto haya recibido el apoyo de World Bitless Association. Para saber más de esta entidad se puede visitar su web. Aquí comparto un extracto sobre sus propósitos.World Bitless Association aims to:• Raise the standards of horse training by promoting training methods based on sound science, compassion and adherence to the principles of LIMA*.• Promote the worldwide use of modern bitless bridles through its Bitless Ambassadors• Change the rules to allow free choice of bitted or bitless bridles and options for bitted bridles without nosebands💫El cambio del mundo ecuestre está en marcha por muchísimas personas, ya no son esperanzas sino los hechos reales que mejoran la vida de los caballos. GRACIAS por #lucyrees #domaequina #domanatural #etologia #equino #bienestaranimal #goteo #caballossalvajes #wildhorses #animalesfelices #happyhorses #domanatural #pottokas #pottokasenpiornal #potros #biomecanica #osteopatia #bienestarequino #equine #etología #yeguas #observacion #equitacion #equestre #domador #naturalhorsemanship #caballos #equus #vidanatural #horses #animalistas ... See MoreSee Less
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Supporting Statement from the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC)​

The IAABC applauds the World Bitless Association for their work in minimizing the use of aversive stimuli, and maximizing the effective use of reinforcers when training, riding, and competing with horses.
LIMA guidelines require that each horse is respected as a “study of one,” where structure, previous experiences, the horse’s personal preferences, and the skill of the handler determine best tools for each individual learner.  Education, understanding, and consideration belong in all walks of interactions with human- and non-human animals alike. By encouraging compassionate, evidence-based practices, the World Bitless Association shows regard for the horses and the humans in their community.
Marjie Alonso Executive Director
IAABC For the Board of Directors

Our aims are to:

  • Network bitless owners throughout the world in one unique association
  • Provide opportunities for continued knowledge/training with education resources across the world 
  • Provide a global network of trusted and endorsed ethical trainers
  • Be the voice for all equestrians interested in ethical training & communication.
  • Change the unfair rules of the equestrian associations so that we see inclusion of modern bitless bridles, in all horse sport.
  • Challenge competition riding rules to reduce the trend for identified abusive and forced riding techniques currently seen all too often in competitive riding
  • To represent you, your aims and aspirations
  • To give the horse a voice

World Bitless Association Structure

An Equine Welfare organisation administered wholly by volunteers.

The Advisory panel

Industry professionals in specific fields of expertise include;

Dr Andrea Harvey BVSc DSAM(Fel) DipECVIM-CA MRCVS MANZCVS (Animal Welfare) 
Registered Veterinary Specialist, NSW
PhD Scholar (wild horse welfare)
University of Technology Sydney 

Marina Cervato DVM
Veterinarian, Evidence based Trainer, Brazil

Industry Consultants
Independent researchers, Veterinary experts, Welfare Organisations and Training organisations

The working committee
Responsibilities; The administrative delivery of day to day and strategic functions liaising with all other structures.

Contact the committee  – Operations Manager Johanna Richardson

The International affiliated Trainers
World Bitless Affiliated behaviourists and trainers from around the world with a broad range of expertise and qualifications

The International Representatives
Individuals and Organisations from around the world supporting and promoting horse friendly training and bitless equestrians

The Riders Representatives
Feedback of personal experience to the working committee

The equestrian community
Feedback via social media platforms

The Trustees
Responsibilities : Administration of Legal and Financial obligations compliant to UK law for Limited Companies and Charitable organisations

Colin Richardson

Scott Chapman

Paul Barkway

World Bitless Association is a company with charitable status and is ‘not for profit’ that means that ALL revenue will be used for the benefit of WBA members and their horses.

WBA needs your support as a paid-up annual member so that we can complete the aims and objectives set down in our constitution.

We need YOU to be the strong organisation YOU want, to represent YOUR views.

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