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Call for ban on abusive horse training worldwide

There is much across the social media platforms currently about aversive and abusive riding in the competition world.
The issue largely surrounds the FEI term ‘Hyperflexion’ renamed ‘Rollkur’ (in 2006) and then again renamed ‘Low Deep & Round’ (LDR) in 2010.
The name actually doesn’t alter anything for the horse.

The world is indeed stirring, with the equestrian organisations making welfare decisions, last year British Dressage banned LDR in the warm-up arena.
The World Bitless Association is opposed to harsh riding, Rollkur/LDR, BTV (Behind the vertical), extreme pressure & unrelenting pressure to force a movement.

The irony is not lost on us (and many others) that since 2006 this training ‘tool’ has been acceptable to the FEI – but modern BITLESS bridles are banned in Dressage. It doesn’t make sense.

The World Bitless has written to the FEI, we are waiting for a response to our reasonable requests – based on evidence.

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See our position statement here.

Update on the image:  The first horse was rescued and the owner prosecuted in South Africa (the meme is actually very old – 2012) the second horse represents any horse from any discipline where the rider employs this method – sanctioned by the FEI for 10 minutes in the warm-up area. We cannot comment on what might go on at home.

The WBA continues to lobby the FEI and the National Federations to allow Bitless in XC eventing. See this post for more info.

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