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Grand Prix replay covers the WBA Position Statement

The World Bitless Association  (WBA)   has issued a statement asking the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) to reconsider the rules regarding riding horses without bits in competition.

Broken or fixed: the FEI equipment approval process

“The rules of equestrian events are very detailed and complicated. This is due to the need to regulate which equipment can be used by riders and horses in order to keep an equestrian event fair and – more importantly – to keep both rider and horse safe.

The international equestrian federation (FEI) will host its General Assembly in Moscow from 16-19 November. Although it does not appear to be on the detailed Agenda, the FEI has confirmed that it is setting up an Equipment Expert Group. In an email, an FEI spokesperson said that that this group would ‘review the impact of specific equipment on horses’ and would ‘propose more harmonised equipment rules across the FEI disciplines’.”

“On the face of it, a simplified single Equipment Expert Group seems like a good idea. However, certain equipment manufacturers allege that this will allow the FEI to retain and internalise a corrupt, flawed, and dangerous equipment approval process. More specifically, they allege that by not approving equipment that is internationally recognised as placing a greater priority on rider safety, the FEI is putting riders at risk of injury or death.”  Read more here…

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