UK Registered Charity number 1155018

Patty Behrens

Address: Canelones a 40 km de Montevideo Uruguary
Phone: +598 98 040 665
About Patty Behrens:

I am Patty Behrens,  I am a fan of Bit-Free riding.  I advocate the use of R(+) Positive Reinforcment, with a Constructional Aproach to training horses. I run a sanctuary in Montevideo, Uruguay.

I have studied and worked with a wide variety of trainers and behaviourists etc., Now I concentrate on evidence-based training that is free of pain, fear or distress.  I continue my academic studies in order that I grow my professional development knowledge, to improve my personal skills with communicating with horses and pupils horses.
I can help you understand how to train your horse using horse friendly, reward based training, not based on chasing the horse and the use of negative reinforcement. But to understand how horses learn and how we can reward them for learning with us.
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