UK Registered Charity number 1155018

Melanie S Watson BHSAI- Equine Behaviour Consultant/Trainer

Address: Instinctive Horse Training, Middle Farm, 44 Main Street, Skidby East Yorkshire HU165TG
Phone: 07720 758425 / 01482 875141
About Melanie S Watson BHSAI- Equine Behaviour Consultant/Trainer:

Active member of IAABC, ABMA, PPG (BI)

Melanie has been training horses professionally since 1985 at her yard in East Yorkshire and is the only “Force Free” Positive reinforcement horse training centre in the UK.

She started with traditional horse training via gaining her BHSAI in the late 70’s, followed by working outside Vienna being trained in Classical Equitation by 2 Head Riders from the Spanish Riding School for a year. Returning to the UK, She worked on a TB Stud for 3 years caring for Broodmares, produced TB yearlings for the racing sales, starting racehorses and milking cows! Back up in Yorkshire, she ran a top Show Jumping yard for Trevor Banks for a few months before starting her own Training/Livery business. She specialised in re training Ex Racehorses for the professional Eventing Industry.

For 27 years, Melanie travelled her learning journey through Classical, Traditional and Natural Horsemanship/Western techniques and everything in-between. In 2013 she was invited to attend and present to the 1st International Animal Trainers Conference at Twycross Zoo.

This was to become a defining moment, and because of which, has since changed every single aspect of how Melanie now trains and cares for horses. She saw a whole new world of training methodology, completely backed by proven science, which puts the animal’s emotions at the forefront. For the last 5 years Melanie has studied hard to learn the Art and Science of Animal Learning and Training, Behavioural Science, Behavioural Analyses etc. She has attended conferences, seminars and workshops run by internationally renowned animal trainers –

Dr Susan Friedman (

Ken Ramirez (

Thad Lacinak and Angi Millwood (

Steve Martin (

Chirag Patel (

Barbara Heidenriech (

Melanie has had the opportunity to watch training and enrichment behind the scenes at various zoos and collections including Twycross Zoo, London ZSL, and The Deep in Hull, cross species. All animals learn in exactly the same way, including us humans. She has presented her work Internationally at several Conferences, Universities and Colleges, and now has a very large following on various social media routes, YouTube etc, where she actively showcases her work with damaged horses. Her yard has many visits from Animal Training Degree and Masters students, Veterinary Students and offers work experience opportunities to all.

Melanie provides Behaviour Consultancy visits, mentorship and behaviour courses across the UK and works as Expert Witness where needed as well as in-house horse training at her yard. She works closely with Vets, Physiotherapists, Equine Dentists and Registered Remedial Farriers.

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