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Maja Bagdziun

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About Maja Bagdziun:
Maja is an animal trainer who has committed her time to explore modern  behavioural science and calming signals in horses. She uses an evidence based approach to work with animals and positive reinforcement is her main tool of interaction and training. She strives to follow the LIMA principles (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) in her interaction and training with animals.
 Having  graduated with an Educational Psychology degree (Southampton Solent University, 2015) , Maja has the academic background that guides her to understand how not just humans but also animals learn. She is passionate about modern behavioural science that incorporates cognition, emotion, ethology, biology, attachment theory (and more) which allows her to consider an animal in front of her in a holistic way.

Maja is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and skills with the others and runs a Facebook Page and a Group that are dedicated to science based training and interactions with horses as well as providing everyday enrichment ideas to help make horses lives better.
Maja’s horsemanship journey started with very light-hearted approach when she regularly hacked out with friends across the fields and forests in Poland. Upon moving to the UK she had a brief experience within a working jumping stables as well as attending the University’s horse riding club. She then volunteered at a Natural Horsemanship centre for some years before meeting the share horse, Johnny , who started a completely fresh journey for her – one immersed in science – which allowed her to explore the fantastic possibilities of Positive Reinforcement approach. Johnny changed her life but he also inspired many of her social media followers who reconsidered their own journeys and relationship with their horses. Sadly Maja’s adventure with Johnny came to an end but his legacy is carried on daily in her work and education.
Currently Maja shares her life with two rescue ponies who allow her to expand her daily experience and skills – especially the previously untouchable and traumatised pony Charisma, who thanks to evidence based approach is now being prepared for husbandry procedures.
Maja is passionate about helping people to create a positive learning environment for their horses which guides stronger human – horse relationship. She’s especially interested in cooperative training for everyday life situations.
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