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Krisztina Szűcs

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About Krisztina Szűcs:
For almost 20 years, I have been in love with horses and in love with dressage. I am so grateful for the horses I’ve competed with from elementary to Prix Saint George (Level 3), and for all the inspiring, wonderful young horses I worked with. Now I am acting as a dressage rider and 2nd Level classified equestrian trainer for the International Group for Equestrian Qualification, based in Hungary.
I am a pro-bitless equestrian. I would like to make dressage more joyful for my horses by combining horsemanship, classical dressage, and natural dressage. This gave me fantastic new feelings, good empowerment from my horses, and highlighted new paths to follow. I realized that combining the three is #my way to dressage. This wonderful journey started years ago, and now I have an inspiring team and pupils from across the globe who follow this new way. In the past years, as a licensed instructor, I have built a community to share the beauty of natural dressage worldwide.
In the past years, I have participated in bitless dressage carousels to take steps forward to enable dressage competitors to officially show bitless dressage programs at national and international competitions. I offer training and support for riders who want to explore riding bit-free. I am proud to support the World Bitless Association.
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