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Kayna Prescott

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About Kayna Prescott:

Kayna has had a long standing interest in horse behaviour. This interest led her to a BSc in Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Biology. Her dissertation involved a study of social hierarchies in Przewalskis Horse in the wild environment of the Mongolian Steppe. Kayna then moved to Kenya to work on a long standing Conservation project, living in the Kenyan Bush she rode each day, teaching children riding and organising Pony Club camps and activities amongst the Elephants and Hippos.

On moving back to the UK to raise her family, she expanded her studies in horse behaviour including courses on feral pony handling, equine nutrition and clicker training workshops. Kayna has a history of working with feral and traumatised horses, creating her own unique positive method for achieving a trusting partnership with the horse, to allow them to resolve their fears.

Working as a Horse Behaviour Consultant across the South of the UK, she adheres to LIMA principles, using many aspects of learning theory in her work with positive reinforcement as a first choice of training method. Kayna is a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), which means having gained the relevant academic qualifications she is gaining the practical experience necessary for full membership.

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