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Holly Gillman-Holstock

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Address: Ontario, Canada
Phone: (905) 213-9193
About Holly Gillman-Holstock:

Holly Gillman Holstock is a Certified Equine Behaviour Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), an organization whose credentials signify that Holly has proven herself to be one of the most highly qualified and knowledgeable practitioners in the world with respect to equine behaviour and learning.

In 2022 Holly was recognized by Guelph University and internationally by animal behaviour experts around the world for her philanthropic work, dedication and passion for improving equid welfare through her work with various equid charities, sanctuaries and pro bono cases of extreme equine abuse. She specializes in working with fearful and aggressive horses, mules, donkeys, and even zebroids.

Holly is passionate and dedicated to bringing science evidenced-based information and behaviour change procedures to the world of equine training through a constructional approach versus a pathological approach. In the pathological approach the training is focused on undesired behaviour. This can lead to “get a stronger bit” solutions. In the constructional approach the focus is on what we want the equine learner TO DO and on building completely new repertoires of behaviour. Holly is committed to using the least intrusive, least restrictive and most minimally aversive behaviour change procedures and is always striving to optimize her equine learner’s degrees of freedom and overall welfare.

Holly believes whole heartedly in being a life long “brave learner”, a term she embraced from Sarah Owings, and is constantly striving to evolve. She states her goal is to never be doing exactly the same thing she was last year. She continues her studies through Guelph University and is actively involved in learning from the professional zoological community, as well as the field of applied behaviour analysis.

Her professional affiliations include:
International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants, CEBC
Pet Professional Guild, Equine Trainer
World Bitless Association, Endorsed Trainer
Animal Behaviour Management Alliance, Professional Member

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