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F.E.E.L – “Formation” of Ethology and Equitation in Lightness

FEEL was founded by Antonello Radicchi and Francesca Patrizi in 2014.

Our ethics:

The principal aim of the school and its courses is the propagation and development of all those parameters that increase the psychological and physical well-being of the horse.  All those who intend to interact with a horse have the moral duty to learn the techniques that enable them to develop a relationship based on a correct and coherent ethological communication.    Recently, the parameters of equitation have changed drastically. These changes have not occurred out of concern for the wellbeing of the horse but from exploitation and coercion aimed at achieving sporting results without the slightest concern for the horse’s needs, reducing him to a simple “means” to an end. Too many horses have and continue to pay the price. Insane competition based on ethologically unacceptable concepts has resulted in horrors such as “hyper flexion” and “tight nosebands” etc. which instead of being eradicated have been rewarded in international competitions offering the public a questionable result achieved through debatable means. Coercion has been established as an acceptable method to the detriment of understanding and respect. Clearly, words such as “lightness” and “harmony” are used completely disregarding their meaning in their practical application. Hence FEEL’s choice to propagate methods based on the understanding between man and horse. All members of FEEL and in particular instructors or student instructors have a duty to practice and propagate a correct ethical behaviour principally based on the needs of the horse and aimed at establishing with him a relationship based on reciprocal understanding.

Our Instructors:




The training of a student instructor lasts at least ten months to a year. Before the theoretical/practical exam, the student has to have participated with his own horse(s) for a minimum of four courses, each four days long in which the following subjects for the First level are dealt with:

  • Communication between man and horse
  • Work at liberty
  • Work on the lunge
  • Contact (with or without the bit)
  • Study of the positions (extension)
  • Basic gymnastics (extensions, flexions, counter-flexions in all three gaits)
  • Teaching skills
  • Studies of the classics
  • Veterinary knowledge (anatomy)
  • Functional anatomy
  • BLS&D – First Aid
  • The student must also present a thesis on subjects dealt with during the course.


At the second level, as well as studying the above topics in more depth, biomechanics of work on two tracks and practical work on two tracks is introduced in both extended and raised positions, flying canter changes and the principles of collection. All work should now be bitless.

At the third level, instructors face collected work, piaffe, passage, pirouettes and jumping.


FEEL is the only private Italian school to be recognised by a national riding federation (FITETREC-ANTE) and our FEEL Instructors are equated with first level federal instructors.


FEEL also has a Pony Club where our instructors teach young and very young riders with specific technical training.



The Book:


Do You Speak Equis?  Is available in English on




We have FEEL centres across Italy which periodically run Open Days and Courses, in various disciplines.   Participants may bring their own horses or may participate as spectators.     We can also travel to your centre if you have an interested group.

All details may be found on our website (in Italian and English) on

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