UK Registered Charity number 1155018

Emma Greenfield

Address: N/A
Phone: +34 672350505
About Emma Greenfield:

Emma is one of the founders of Tenerife Horse Rescue along with her partner Edoardo Pensato. A registered charity*, horse and animal rescue centre in Tenerife run by a team of volunteers. They specialise in horse rescue, retraining all equines by giving them a voice and sharing positive ways of horsemanship to the canary islands.

All horses in the rescue are taken back to basics to find what they enjoy, help to forget their negative past and are retrained solely with positive reinforcement. Most horses are retired on site after long years of abuse and being exploited. The younger and healthier horses who benefit from more exercise are retrained slowly and asked if they want to be ridden in this new way. The riding horses also stay on site and are shared with local people who want to learn kinder ways to riding, 1 rider per horse who creates a special bond and becomes the horses sponsor and donates towards the cost of food. Creating a way of experiencing having a horse of their own, learning new ways to work with a horse that doesn’t only centre around riding, whilst still bringing in an enjoyable way of riding for both horse and rider with bitless and force free methods.

The sanctuary is funded solely by donations and in the near future sustainable holiday rentals on site to continue to grow the sanctuary. It was founded in 2018 after Emma and her partner saw the need for a change in animal welfare in the Canary islands.

Realising early on in her horsemanship journey that traditional methods didn’t sit right. Being asked to leave livery yards as a teenager, due to fighting for better welfare and leaving horses out 24/7 the real journey started. Through many years of owning horses, training horsemanship, bitless riding, barefoot trimming, r+ techniques and horse communication Emma felt she could bring this knowledge to Tenerife to help equines in need.

*registered as “refugio de animales horse holidays tenerife” Charity number “G1/S1/24017-19/TF”

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