UK Registered Charity number 1155018

Ecurie Des Karac

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Address: Bordeaux France
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About Ecurie Des Karac:

We are an equestrian centre in Bordeaux, France where the well being of our horses is at the centre of our focus and concerns.
Our 40 horses and ponies are all mounted bit-free in Bitless bridles and barefoot.
They live permanently outdoors on large surfaces with the healthiest possible diet. They live in large herds.

The training application we use is fun and positive. We introduce as much positive reinforcement as possible for horses and ponies.
We continue to try and improve for the horse with our training work.

We practice all disciplines but do not compete. We love horses first and try to provide for them the greatest variations for their abilities and preferences.
We organize courses all year long and provide classes every week for our 180 regular riders.

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