UK Registered Charity number 1155018

Colette Mirac

Address: Bordeaux, France.
Phone N/A
About Colette Mirac:
I am a trainer, rider and entrepreneur, after having been a jumper of jumping and racing competitions. I founded my bitless riding school 10 years ago.
I specialize in bitless riding and all of my 40 horses and ponies of different breeds are ridden without a bit.
My activity revolves around teaching children but also horses. I educate horses respectfully and as naturally as possible, respecting their learning pace and nature. I am the author of the book “Metamorphosis, the secrets of a bitless horse riding based on the natural lives of the horse.” where I explain the whole of my method and the advantages of this practice.
I co-founded the association ‘Help save the horses’ which rehabilitates racehorses according to my principles.
I travel everywhere to give seminars or internships upon request.
I am now using positive reinforcement with clicker training. I know the limits of negative reinforcement having used it for many years without perceiving the misdeeds.

Come and visit me in Bordeaux and share the journey!

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