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Clean Endurance International (CEi)

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About Clean Endurance International (CEi):


It was formed by an international, like-minded, compassionate collective to promote Education, Clean Sport, Fair Play and the flow of information within the international equestrian sport of Endurance Riding and to unify and facilitate communication between riders, officials and other stakeholders.

Endurance, as a sport, has its fair share of horse welfare issues. Many of the founding members have been involved with horse welfare and anti-doping within the sport for a long time so they formed their own association to enable them to work in a more professional manner.

Values and honesty are at the core of our association which prides itself on providing an unbiased and impartial flow of information to followers, riders and officials from such bodies as the FEI, National Federations, Welfare Organisations and to encourage constant improvements in horse welfare standards.

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