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Chrissy Johnson

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About Chrissy Johnson:
Chrissy Johnson believes that horsemanship is a journey: one that we will never fully “arrive” at, but one that should cause us to continue evolving along the way. Chrissy began her career with horses as a junior instructor and obtained certification through Certified Horsemanship Association as soon as she was old enough.
After managing a boarding/lesson/training facility in southern Maryland, Chrissy pursed an education in training horses by attending a well-known natural horsemanship clinician’s program in Texas. She moved on to work with colts and ranch horses in Wyoming and Arizona before settling down with her husband in his hometown in southeast Missouri, where they built their own training facility and currently reside.
Having a background in both traditional training and natural horsemanship, Chrissy understands the limitations and detrimental effects associated with both and feels that her background enables her to communicate and relate to horse owners seeking to learn a better way.
As a reward-based trainer, Chrissy enjoys helping other riders understand how horses learn and showing them how to work with their horses using force free, evidence-based training methods. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Equine Studies, while teaching lessons (in person and online) and clinics, offering training services, and encouraging horse owners to explore reward marker training through her blog, The Evolving Equestrian. Chrissy is very happy to be apart of World Bitless Association!
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