UK Registered Charity number 1155018

Brie Simpson

Address: Ontario, Canada
Phone: (226) 808-8212
About Brie Simpson:

Brie Simpson is the owner and founder of PATH Equestrian in Ontario Canada and is a Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant (CHBC) candidate through the IAABC. Brie’s horsemanship journey started over 18 years ago when she was a hunter/jumper trainer and competitor.   By having a diverse background in Traditional Horsemanship she understands the skills and limitations involved in aversive based training while being able to relate, communicate and educate LIMA methods to the many people who share a similar background and set of skills.

During behaviour assessments and training Brie chooses to bring a wide variety of bitless options for clients to try out on their horses. Brie finds bringing a bitless convertor to place on current bitted bridles is a less aversive way to approach and promote bitless usage.

Brie has dedicated the last 4 years researching and studying Equine Behaviour building into Positive Reinforcement training and Equine Enrichment. She is extremely passionate about improving the day-to-day life and basic handling of horses.


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