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Ari Krause

Address: Reno, NV, USA
Phone: 775-848-3487
About Ari Krause:

Hello, my friends! I’m so glad our paths have crossed, even if just virtually. We all have unique paths that lead us to the point where we realize that traditional methods and/or equipment aren’t fulfilling for us. I look forward to hearing your story sometime. Here’s mine…

I grew up in the hunter/jumper world and competed for over a decade. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Religious Studies, and earned my Honor’s designation with a thesis on the evolution of horse show jumping. The project follows the development of the practice of jumping horses through history, starting with Xenophon, the use of jumping by cavalry, especially the Prussian Cavalry under Frederick the Great, the geographic spread of Frederick the Great’s ideology, then the development of the sport itself in the late 19th century. I also included an oral history piece about the oral histories told by those in the sport, explanations taught for why traditions persist, what the sport means to those who participate in it, as well as the future of the sport. I had the opportunity to interview local riders and trainers, well respected trainers and judges all the way up to Olympic Gold Medalists. It is called “A War Born Sport” and is available on Amazon as an eBook.

Just after completing my thesis in 2012, I started exploring other elements of horsemanship, specifically natural horse care, positive reinforcement training and mental and emotional skill building for horses and riders. I now provide services in and educate about species specific care for horses and science-based, holistic training for horses and humans both in person and virtually. My company, Haven Horsemanship, provides online programs and certifications in these topics.

I am a Certified Wayfinder Coach, a coaching philosophy rooted in connecting with our bodies and emotions and using that connection to develop our mental and emotional skills. I am also an Emergenetics Certified Associate. Emergenetics is a psychometric tool that gives us a framework for understanding how we best process information, problem solve and how we prefer to communicate. It is designed for humans, but I’ve found that it translates beautifully to horses.I help riders to better understand themselves and their horses and give them a framework for processing misunderstandings and differences. I love helping professionals in the horse world to apply Emergenetics in their work with horses and with human students so that they can better structure sessions and lessons and tailor their communication to their learners’ preferences.

My mission is to help humans heal their relationship with horses by honoring horses and honoring humans… And that’s me in in a nutshell. I hope to hear your story sometime!”

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