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Larri has spent over 30 years of her life working professionally and semi professionally with horses – always with their welfare and wellbeing at heart.
This long and varied experience of working and training in numerous fields from natural horsemanship to classical dressage, teaching in riding schools (including a fully metal free / bitless centre) and running a retirement and youngstock  livery has given her broad base of knowledge to draw on.
This experience plus many years of training in and study of Equine Science, ethology and behaviour has culminated in the setting up of Horse Haven which is a truly unique livery and training facility in West Wales where the horses needs come first and the horses teach the humans as much as we do them!
To ensure she remains up to date CPD is undertaken several times a year for all aspects of the enterprise in the form of attendance at lectures, presentations, demos and online courses. In the last year alone this involved ethology & behaviour with Lucy Rees, learning theory with Max Easy, in hand rehabilitation with Klaus Schoenich, diet / hoof dissection and trimming with Mark Hill and Pete Ramey.
Every horse in her care is treated as the individual they are, with their needs and experience taken into account in all aspects of care and training. Her approach to all handling, training and riding is to encourage calm confidence through clarity and consent. The yard is run in full compliance with the five freedoms and is set up on a combined Equicentral & track based system.
Shaping, counter conditioning and positive reinforcement are used whilst working within and away from the herd, giving both human and equine trainees the confidence to learn and explore. The principles of LIMA are a core belief and central to the entire ethos here.
This approach, combined with provision of an enriched environment designed specifically to allow and encourage natural behaviours, and with gentle but effective body work in the form of Emmett therapy on offer to ensure the horses feel comfortable in their bodies, brings a truly rewarding ethical training and living experience for each horse.
Larri offers a limited number of places each year for life skills, starting and restarting or schooling and rehabilitating horses and ponies at Horse Haven. The minimum stay is three months to allow for horses and ponies to settle in to herd life and for training to be undertaken at your horse’s pace not to a tight turnaround schedule.
Freelance lessons and training sessions, talks, demos and workshops on a wide variety of subjects from behaviour, environment and husbandry, holistic horse keeping, to training in-hand and riding harmoniously and effectively using biomechanics and classical principles can be booked for individuals or groups.
Larri is passionate about helping people to be the very best they can be for their horses and encouraging horses to be themselves and to truly enjoy their interactions with us.
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