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With over 40 years experience, Kimberlee Strauss considers herself a lifetime student of the horse and
encourages her students to be horse listeners themselves. For as long back as she can remember, Kim
has loved and admired their spirit, grace and beauty.
Kim’s journey began with her sister, Kay, taking her for weekly trail rides at a local stable. At the age of
14, Kay bought Kim her first horse and the lifelong adventure started in earnest. Beginning in traditional
horsemanship and progressing to natural horsemanship, Kim has continued her personal evolution and is
committed to a non-coercive reward based training philosophy.
Along the way, she was certified as a
natural horsemanship instructor by retired international clinician, Frank Bell. She has studied under
French equine behaviorist, Donald Newe, who introduced her to clicker training. Most recently, Kim has
studied under Jo Hughes through her online teaching Academy of Positive Horsemanship. In addition to
having studied directly under these individuals, Kim has also studied the work of many others through
books, videos and clinics. Certified as a riding instructor with the American Riding Instructor Association,
Kim has a solid understanding of a variety of riding disciplines and focuses on rider biomechanics in
riding lessons. She has also been published in their quarterly magazine.
Presently Kim is the owner and manager of Renegade Wind, LLC, a unique iron-free boarding, lesson and
training stable located in Honeoye Falls, NY, USA. No bits or shoes are used on the premises. Her
philosophy is simply to provide horses with the best welfare management according to the current
understanding of equine ethology along with the most ethical humane training available based on
current scientific research.
She is constantly evolving in her approach and management to meet these
criteria for her equine residents. In addition to riding lessons, students are offered the opportunity to
learn reward based training on the ground through a variety of applications from husbandry and
enrichment to equine agility. If desired, students may also observe an assortment of ancillary care such
as chiropractic, teeth floating, hoof trimming and massage. Kim’s goal is to develop a sound knowledge
base and a deep empathy for the horse in all of her students and clients, while assisting them to reach
their goals with their equine partners and friends.
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