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Kerry established On The Vertical Training in 2014 after finally having had enough of the over bent, hollow, incorrect riding that is happening in the competitive world. Kerry has made it her personal mission to better the world, one horse at a time by promoting relaxation, straightness and correct work in both the horse and rider. She encourages students to overcome their fears, and work outside of the box with their horses. Treating every horse like an individual, Kerry focuses on improving each horse as a whole, working at a pace set by the horse, utilizing positive reinforcement at all stages. Kerry prohibits BTV (behind the vertical) and works hard to re-train horses who’ve suffered from BTV into a more confident state of mind. A firm believer in groundwork and in-hand exercises, Kerry works with each horse to build strength, balance and confidence prior to under-saddle work. These in-hand exercises are encouraged for as long as needed. Each horse is treated with compassion and understanding, and provided with the means to just “be a horse’ at any point, for any length of time. Kerry is a barefoot trimmer, studying various methods of trimming and combining them with R+ to give each horse a positive experience and maintain optimum hoof health.

Kerry-Louise Boucher operates On The Vertical Training out of Hidden Creek Equestrian Center as part of the family business. Kerry currently teaches students ranging from tiny-tots to advanced riders, and competes professionally in Dressage, Western Dressage, In-Hand Showing, and Equitation. Kerry started riding at a very young age, and was raised in the United Kingdom, learning to ride at Summerhouse Farm and Hulberts Green. She has been teaching and training for over 18 years, and is passionate about transforming the horse and rider as a whole, and furthering their partnership together.

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