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Riding from the age of 5 from a non horsey, city based background, a degree in Psychology and Zoology from Aberdeen University, extensive training and mentoring and then working with Sylvia Loch (Classical trainer, rider and author) and Ken Faulkner (Natural Horsemanship, Cowboy dressage and winner of Way Of The Horse). All of my horses have been bargain basement, less than perfects. I don’t have a fancy arena, I live in wild hills in Scotland. I have six children, a husband and up until 6 years ago a job alongside teaching horsemanship. Everything has to be carefully balanced and sometimes the weather doesn’t play fair, a kid needs me more than my horses, the clocks change, I find myself in snow for 6 weeks then drought for 12! I understand and live real life horsemanship……
My bitless journey probably began age 8 when my riding school teacher told my father I would never be any good as I was too soft on the horses and needed to show them who was boss.This seemed completely wrong even then. Thankfully someone much smarter told me many years later that my greatest weakness was actually my greatest strength.I now focus on finding the most peaceful path with horses and humans and try to help others to do the same.
I have only two rules which are non negotiable whenever I teach 1. You must smile at all times. 2. you must breath…. everything else is a bonus. The responsibility for teaching and learning sits with the trainer. If you or your horse don’t get something then that’s my problem not yours.
Humour keeps us on the right path. We can set boundaries for our horses (people and children) if we do it with good humour and with compassion for that being. If it comes from our own pride or ego wanting to get something done then its going to be resented no matter what we call it or how we present it.
To me being bitless is much more than riding a horse without a bit. Its opening yourself up to what the horse has to say about you. It is relinquishing the delusion of control in favour of something real – a two way relationship. Surely that is a great way to live life, in conversation rather than control.
At the end of the day I’m just a girl who loves horses. My horses are started and ridden exclusively bitless and barefoot and enjoy an ‘as close to natural’ life as I can give them. I teach throughout Scotland in whatever environment they have available in group clinics and 1:1 sessions. I also support riders through video and Skype coaching. I travel to clinics in my 26 year old Romahome camper van with husband, Duncan and dogs Yogi and Sally throughout the year, whatever the weather.
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