Barbara Hoekstra - Natural Horsemanship Instructor & Barefoot Trimmer

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Natural horsemanship aims for a natural leadership and a strong mutual bond between you and your horse. In a fair and respectful way you will get the most out of yourself and your horse, without tools, coercion or intimidation. Better communication between you provides a secure relationship and motivated horses. Of course with the necessary fun!
My name is Barbara and I help you and your horse to have a great relationship together. I will help you with (transitioning to) bitless riding, groundwork, trailer loading, agility, behavioural problems and riding outside (trekking).
I prioritise safety for (non-)rider and horse, so groundwork is an important part of my lessons. Variation in groundwork and excercises are very important to prefend a bore-out of horses so in my lessons you’ll switch between basic groundwork, agility, brain exercises, physical work, trekking preparation, etc.
I ‘ll help you with transitioning to bitless riding and/or (re-)gain confidence in the saddle. Not only the basic manouvres but I have also a nice progression based on some games so you and your horse can grow together and have fun, without competition.
Fun and relaxation is necessary for (wo-)man and horse. Suffering or swallowing do not appear in my horsemanship. Not for man nor the horse. I always choose the best with you appropriate method, technique and approach.  You will learn how to interpret the body language of your horse and your horse will learn how to interpret yours.
In each exercise or training method, the dignity of the horse comes first. Call me old fashioned but to me is a horse still a noble animal and he/she deserves respect.
I try to sensitise you to be conscious about the horses needs concerning housing (preferably 24/7 outside in a herd), feeding (preferably roughage, hay, grass), feet (preferably barefooted), training via communication (preferably natural horsemanship, bitless), healthy body (regularly vet check, teeth check, back check, correct deworming and vaccination). But I respect your own pace and abillities to meet these needs.
I explore many Horse Masters and choose the insights and techniques that fit in the principles of Equitation Science International and my bitless goals.
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