Megan Hines

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About Megan Hines:

“I am passionate about building a trusting human-equine relationship, avoiding unnecessary stress and fear in training, and empowering animals to choose to participate in their own care. I enjoy using positive reinforcement to create visual, verbal and tactile cues for riding bitless and transitioning these from the ground to the saddle.

A certified Connection Training Coach based on a small equine rescue farm, I spend my days following LIMA (Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive) principles, primarily utilising counter conditioning, systematic desensitisation, and positive reinforcement. I offer online and in-person coaching, clinics and seminars for those interested in using positive reinforcement training. I specialise in helping leisure horses and rehabilitating rescue equines.

I follow science-based study of equine emotions, behaviour and training, continuing to further my knowledge by learning from world recognised equine/mixed species positive reinforcement trainers and equine behaviourists.”

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